Claudeous Creamer of Dragonlord joins FROM HELL on lead guitar

FROM HELL welcomes Claudeous Creamer on lead guitar to take over the lead guitar playing of Steve Smyth! Claudeous plays guitar in Eric Peterson’s black metal band, Dragonlord. Claudeous has…

Wes Anderson joins FROM HELL on the drums

FROM HELL welcomes Wes Anderson, well established bay area drummer of Il Malocchio, Young Lions with Noah Landis of Neurosis, Cirque du Soleil, and Grandma, a Tribute to King Diamond….


FROM HELL’s Ascent From Hell will be released in Europe on September 26th! Ascent From Hell will be distributed by Soul Food! We are very excited about this and we…

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“Ascent From Hell” OFFICIAL STREET DATE – APRIL 8th!

“Ascent From Hell” will be available directly from Scourge Records on March 25th! APRIL 8th is the actual Street Date! “Ascent From Hell” will be in your local CD store…

Kirk Von Hammett’s Fear Fest-Evil!

FROM HELL was in attendance at Kirk Hammett’s awesome horror movie/metal music event Fear Fest-Evil! This was an amazing show from both the bands playing and the famous movie stars…

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