Claudeous Creamer of Dragonlord joins FROM HELL on lead guitar

FROM HELL welcomes Claudeous Creamer on lead guitar to take over the lead guitar playing of Steve Smyth! Claudeous plays guitar in Eric Peterson’s black metal band, Dragonlord. Claudeous has an amazing track record and has played and toured with other bands such as Sadus, Serpent & Seraph, Deadlands, The Council and more. He also plays guitar for a new band called Niviane. Look for them playing out soon. We are pleased to have Claudeous in the band and he will be touring with us this summer also.

Wes Anderson joins FROM HELL on the drums

FROM HELL welcomes Wes Anderson, well established bay area drummer of Il Malocchio, Young Lions with Noah Landis of Neurosis, Cirque du Soleil, and Grandma, a Tribute to King Diamond. Wes has also jammed with Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade, Kehoe Nation, S.O.S.A., Idiot Flesh and Blind Illusion. We are stoked and Wes will be touring with FROM HELL this summer!


FROM HELL’s Ascent From Hell will be released in Europe on September 26th! Ascent From Hell will be distributed by Soul Food! We are very excited about this and we hope to be touring in Europe in late spring and early Summer 2015 to support this release!


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“Ascent From Hell” OFFICIAL STREET DATE – APRIL 8th!

“Ascent From Hell” will be available directly from Scourge Records on March 25th!

APRIL 8th is the actual Street Date! “Ascent From Hell” will be in your local CD store and iTunes and other digital outlets worldwide!

Look for it  on iTunes and other Digital Distribution outlets, such as, Best, and more!

Kirk Von Hammett’s Fear Fest-Evil!

FROM HELL was in attendance at Kirk Hammett’s awesome horror movie/metal music event Fear Fest-Evil! This was an amazing show from both the bands playing and the famous movie stars from our favorite horror movies. A favorite was meeting PJ Soles from Halloween and Kane Hodder from Friday the 13th, the infamous Jason Vorhees! Also got to me Greg Nicotero from The Walking Dead! Everyone was super cool and I was glad to meet all of them! Lots of horror movie posters and insane memorabilia! This was a truly great event! Thank you Kirk Hammett!

Ascent From Hell – Listening Party

There is going to be a listening party on February 1st! We will let you know the details in just a couple of days. Damien Sisson will definitely be there. Paul Bostaph  is working on a new record with Slayer, but there is a possibility that Paul will be there as well. Stay tuned!

Shooting Music Video for Soul Crusher

On Monday, we start shooting a music video for the song Soul Crusher! Very excited! Working with a great director named Rick Glenn from Studio G down in LA and an awesome Cinematographer named Paul Nordin at EMB Studios in Oakland. This should come out really cool! We expect the video to be out mid to late spring, just after the CD release.

December 2013 – Shooting Video for Soul Crusher

As the end of the year draws to a close, I look back at the recording of Ascent From Hell and what we completed and am looking forward to releasing it in March 2014. In January, we will be filming a music video for the song Soul Crusher! We released this song as a demo a little while back with another band line up and we planned to do a video, but as with anything worth doing, some things cannot be rushed. We are working with a director from Hollywood who has worked on some amazing  to help us produce a  video and the talks and meetings we have had so far, I’m pretty excited about the prospects. Soul Crusher is the third track on the upcoming album and is the second chapter of this concept story. 2013 has been a great year! We are looking forward to 2014 to be an amazing year! Cheers FROM HELL!

Ascent From Hell has been Mixed and Mastered!

We have finished mixing and mastering this epic record. Due to the later than expected completion date, the album release date has been changed to early 2014!