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From Hell: All right from hell

So I hooked at the first glance that the frontman threw at me, an icy glare, clear blue and demonic, a look that I would not forget, at least his white hair and his glazed blue lenses, he He missed only the ears and it would have made him a metal elf. In any case this look will remain engraved in my memory forever!

Then comes the music, and there I hang even more than the first look even if the sound was really not terrible, we did not hear the narratives of George’s horror story.


The texts are in the horror theme, like a body that wakes up in hell and must return to earth to seek its wandering soul and then return to hell. The band, from California (that’s original for the BM), is as young as Cold Raven, formed in the same period (2013) and has a single album in their discography which they played excerpts: ” Ascent from hell “released in 2014 by lead guitarist left-handed singer: George Anderson who, after many line-up changes, has borrowed some great names to record with him: Paul Bostaph (Slayer) on drums, Damien Sisson from Death Angel Bass and Steve Smyth from Machine, Nevermore, Testament and Dragonlord on lead guitar. But none of these musicians are here tonight.

But the live members are always on the guitar, the charismatic George Anderson, Claudeous Creamer on guitar, Wes Anderson on drums and Damien Sisson on bass.

If listening to their album does not put us in a state of ecstasy like Belphegor for example, live their black metal passes much better thanks to his enthusiastic riffs and well fuck that fan the headbang.

A good discovery!


Setlist From Hell –
Walking Dead
-Soul Crusher
-Nun With A Gun
-Ascent From Hell

FROM HELL to Tour Russia Summer of 2017

FROM HELL 2017 Russia Tour

The next FROM HELL show will be in Zelenograd, Russia! We are pleased to announce Iberian Extreme Metallers Noctem will be headlining their first tour in Russia this year in the month of August!

The North American Extreme Metal act FROM HELL will be supporting this tour!

18.08 ZELENOGRAD – “Pub Rebel”
19.08 TBA
20.08 KALUGA – “Garage”
21.08 YELETS – “Scena”
22.08 VORONEZH – “Station Mir”
23.08 ROSTOV-ON-DON – “Podzemka”
24.08 LIPETSK – “Centre”
27.08 SAINT -PETERSBURG -“Opera”

There’s a slot available for one more guest. If you are interested in being included as guest contact xavier.tolosa@artgatesrecords.com

More info coming soon!


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European Tour December 2016 w/Possessed & Belphegor!

FROM HELL will be on tour with Possessed & Belphegor on a double headlining tour this December 2016!

FROM HELL & HELSTAR at The Uptown in Oakland!

FROM HELL’s next show will be Friday, October 28th at The Uptown in downtown Oakland, CA supporting Helstar as they tour to support their new record, Vampiro. This new record is awesome and we are stoked to be sharing the stage with them.

FROM HELL’s next show will be June 1st with PRONG!

FROM HELL’s next show will be with PRONG  on June 1st in Sacramento at The Boardwalk!

Tickets are $15 in advance!Tickets available at the Paypal link to the left and Tickets are available Here!

Also on the bill is Glug, Dreaming Red and Blessed Curse! Show starts at 630PM!

FROM HELL to play the Norcal Tattoo & Music Festival

FROM HELL will be playing at the Norcal Tattoo & Music Festival in Sacramento on April 9th with Death Angel, Skinlab, Flotsam & Jetsam, Hatriot and many more! Tickets available on the home page!


FROM HELL invited to play 1st Satanic Church Black X Mass in San Francisco

FROM HELL has been invited to play Karla LaVey’s 1st Satanic Church presents Black X Mass in San Francisco at The Elbo Room on Valencia St. We’ll be playing with Quintannica, The Wastedeads, Filthy Victorian Band, Bite, plus more. Show is $10 and starts at 9pm.

FROM HELL has also been invited to play New Year’s Eve in Sacramento, CA with Twitch Angry! $10 donation – Free Beer!

Claudeous Creamer of Dragonlord joins FROM HELL on lead guitar

FROM HELL welcomes Claudeous Creamer on lead guitar to take over the lead guitar playing of Steve Smyth! Claudeous plays guitar in Eric Peterson’s black metal band, Dragonlord. Claudeous has an amazing track record and has played and toured with other bands such as Sadus, Serpent & Seraph, Deadlands, The Council and more. He also plays guitar for a new band called Niviane. Look for them playing out soon. We are pleased to have Claudeous in the band and he will be touring with us this summer also.

Wes Anderson joins FROM HELL on the drums

FROM HELL welcomes Wes Anderson, well established bay area drummer of Il Malocchio, Young Lions with Noah Landis of Neurosis, Cirque du Soleil, and Grandma, a Tribute to King Diamond. Wes has also jammed with Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade, Kehoe Nation, S.O.S.A., Idiot Flesh and Blind Illusion. We are stoked and Wes will be touring with FROM HELL this summer!